spielzeug 07 – Froe Char « Fossils »


Froe Char « Fossils »
LP 12″ colored charcoal grey vinyl

A1 Fossils
A2 The flood
A3 An old black summer
A4 Meanings

B1 Extraction of moments
B2 Self-exoticism
B3 Heretic
B4 As all forgotten words

« Something happened…
One erotic mouvement of lips in front of a devasted landscape. The mark of a sigh on a broken mirror. Emotions trapped in some vapor. The fossils are returned in a serein chaos. »

« Froe Char aka Italian / Parisian Christina is also known as 1/2 of the synth duo Illustration Sonore who has an amazing Lp being released by the fantastic Medical Records label.
There have been a pair of previous Froe Char releases of dark beautiful ambiance but with “Fossils” she takes the distorted haze and murk of her prior work and uses it as a texture amid percolating synths and minimalist rhythms. “Fossils” is the sultry minimal synth record for the experimental crowd or the noisy bleak record for the coldwave kids.
I once heard someone say “you can’t dance to pain” but this record really proves otherwise. »

This record is the first in a collaborative effort between Spielzeug Muzak and the
excellent DIY label Modern Tapes from US. See:

300 copies, released december 2013

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