spielzeug 08 – ALONE « Coast »


Alone « Coast »

12″ LP vinyl

Alone is a project from Belgrade run by Nikola Vitković (also member of Konvoj Bonton Bajkera, Alone in heaven..). Hiding away from public sight, Alone spends his years in his mono utopia, reinventing the alternative history of industrial and melancholic synth pop. His melody is gentle but dark, his beats are slow but hard, his synthesizer is foggy but sharp. Over last 20 years, he has released 6 albums on N.A.U.K., Treue um Treue and Cold trinity.

This new LP on Spielzeug Muzak delivers a collection of 8 gloomy synthetic lullabyes and scientific love songs from a coast / limit / end of the world, a misty place where all boundaries melt: land, sea and air, inner and outer world, self and non-self. This is the most sleepy and foggiest Alone album thus far, emotionally calm but sonically colourful as ever. It introduces the lead vocals by Igor Petrušić and Draginja Marić mixed with the familiar voice of Nikola.

A1 – Absolute zero
A2 – Glas
A3 – Tihi dom
A4 – Tvoj san

B1 – Crna so
B2 – Nisam taj
B3 – Without you
B4 – The Aldis lamp

Nikola Vitković – synthetics, voice
Igor Petrušić – voice on 1, 2 and 4.
Draginja Marić – voice, lyrics and additional keys on 3 and 5.
Tihomir Celanović – guitar on 8.

cover artwork by Temple Vengeance
mastered by Patrick Scott

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300 copies, released april 2015

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