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spielzeug 12 – FROE CHAR « Foreigner skin »


Froe Char « Foreigner skin »


Another marriage between Modern Tapes and Spielzeug Muzak for the Froe Char’s new Ep « Foreigner skin ». 

A lonely trip to desacralize this condition through the emphasis of contradictions. Analog-digital noises in a dark-dub ballad as « A story not to tell » the unvaried melody of bass and synths in « Open scene » and the paradoxical love-song « The drift ».

Songs to listen in the deep of the night !

 A1 – Head

A2- A story not to tell

B1 – Open scene

B2 – The drift

Edition of 100 orange smokey tapes with black and white printed jacket

Released january 2016

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